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Tim Barber
• 01.18.11 11:00 am

This woman named Brooke Smith sent these to me. Turns out after being in the NY Hardcore scene, Brooke Smith became an actress and is best known for her role as the woman down in the well in Silence of the Lambs and as the lesbian Dr. Erica Hahn on Grey’s Anatomy. MORE»

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Street Carnage
• 03.31.16 04:50 pm


As a legal immigrant in the USA, I’ve come to realize that absolutely nothing pisses local liberals off more than a “minority member” who dares to behave differently than how they dictate, regardless if black, hispanic, same-sex-loving, green card-holding or document-lacking. MORE»

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• 03.24.15 03:27 pm


FREE SPEECH – TALEEB STARKES by Freespeechpodcast
Please go to iTunes and download and subscribe and then rate the hell out of it so it gets dragged up to their homepage. MORE»