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• 07.24.15 02:43 pm


I find my wife way more attractive at 41 than when I met her at 29. Women are more attractive when they’ve accrued some life experience, especially kids. In fact, I don’t find twenty-somethings attractive.  MORE»

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• 05.01.14 11:53 am


benjamindickinson I made a weird movie, follow @creativecontrolmovie and check out the kickstarter video featuring @reggiewatts

thegavin2000: Yo, I’m in this.



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Benjamin Leo
• 07.25.12 12:00 pm

I’m proud to announce that Cult Comedy, the hottest Black / Latino / Mick / Wop comedy crew in NYC, have finally accepted a Jewish member: me. MORE»

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Street Carnage
• 06.13.12 12:00 pm

As per our challenge: Ben did his best to write a poem about a wolf that falls in love with a sheep. The only rule was he had to try his best and not be kidding one bit. This is what he came up with… MORE»

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• 06.14.11 11:45 am

As I told you before, getting a show on TV is like learning to surf: It’s not hard, it’s impossible. Despite the odds however, a small Jewish man named Jon Benjamin has THREE SHOWS ON THE AIR AT THE SAME TIME (four MORE»

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• 06.24.08 01:02 pm

Heard about this guy from Lost at E Minor peeps. Holy motherfucking shit can he draw. MORE»

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