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johnkimballl: Yea man hating the cops is soo cool and original!. Jk a cop actually died to save my little sisters life. Beige wants to hate but id like to see an instagram punk run head first in to danger to save others like cops do all the time…not all cops are awesome but all instagram activists are a joke– those are just the facts. Get ur head out of ur ass. Unfollow ya beeech

hal.hardrada: Love it – fuck da police!

benderbentley: @johnkimballl you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Some cop saved your sisters life, big deal. That’s their job and there are plenty of people in the world who don’t need to be paid to help and then charge you after the fact. I was adopted by a police chief in New York when I was a kid and I’ve witnessed enough dirty cop practices to last a lifetime including extortion and false imprisonment based off personal gain. So not all cops may be the same but the institution they swear to uphold is Neanderthalic and a stacked Draco so how about you keep your personal experience and beliefs the fuck out of everyone’s ear until you actually learn some facts like 523 people in Texas alone this year who are dead from police interaction alone which if you think really really hard you might be able to do the math and realize that is extremely close to almost 2 people a day this year in only one state. You’re a douche bag.