rubyaldridgefake Crazy bird lady caught feeding her children … Taken by the very rad @ed.templeton #tbt



kplawless You can find me in the cluuuuuuub. #champs #whitegirlwasted



thegavin2000 It’s wrong to speak ill of the dead but I hate when someone OD’s on heroin and everyone (but TMZ) skips over the cause of death. If he fell in a well, we’d all be asking what’s going on with wells. Harris was a genius and everybody knew it but heroin took over.

thegavin2000: Hey kids, heroin is different than other drugs. You won’t OD on coke or booze but heroin will take over everything.

freyaleplastrier: makes you angry that someone so talented and successful can just throw it all away, clearly there were some issues going on with him. moral of the story heroin is not cool

maximumdembo: Yeah, alcohol poisoning never happens, alcoholics don’t exist.

ninjaninja123: Lived with the addiction and still here to tell my story . It’s not a joke .

devinfinch: @maximumdembo It’s not similar unless you count withdrawals. Not fucking “alcohol poisoning”. I’ve had that a million times since I was 13.

notoriousdjv: Cue the comments from the addiction specialists.

thegavin2000: I refuse to call addiction a disease. I think that kind of attitude ultimately absolves culpability and leads to more deaths. I’ve seen 12 people lose their lives to this drug and pussyfooting around the truth is the worst thing you can do. They feed on that ambiguity. It’s where they hide.

thegavin2000: By calling addiction a disease you are enabling junkies. In other words, you’re a murderer.

thegavin2000: Also, junkies, when you show someone how to shoot it and they eventually die, you murdered them.

therealmartysux: This sucks either way. I wish we didn’t support this Crap. I’ve known people that used the methadone, to cure them, they’re still dead. Probably cheap

thegavin2000: Harris died the same way all my friends died. They get clean for a couple months, their tolerance goes way down, and they decide to have a beer. After several more beers they decide to do a tiny bump. Then they cut out a line as big as what they used to do back when their tolerance was up to a bundle a day. Their clean body can’t handle the dosage and it shuts down. In that sense, most junkies die of a beer.

thegavin2000: And to that i say: Tell everybody. Hey junkies, if you drink a beer after 50 days sober, you will OD. To quote the gays, “Silence = Death.”

thegavin2000: Disgusted by all these comedians posting pics of him like they cared. They all abandoned him when he became a junkie. The only people who tried to help were his ex, his family, and Lesley Arfin. The rest are selfie grieving. It’s not cool to help him when he’s dying but it’s cool to show up after he’s dead. Nice friends.

faithvoconnor: Most people don’t understand addiction and do abandon their friends when they become junkies and then regret it after they die. Same with depressed people who attempt suicide – their friends and family usually drop them. It’s good to let people know this is the opposite of what you should do. But most people will run away from what they don’t understand & judge it. The people who don’t are exceptional…

thegavin2000: BTW He’s the guy who invented #HumbleBrag