thegavin2000 I told you #Stossel is punk. He just accidentally quoted the #Crass song “Bloody Revolutions.”



thegavin2000 #JeffKoons makes me jealous.

damhave: @thegavin2000 Koons is the CarrotTop of fine art. Take that as you will.

brendan_donnelly: ^

lousyleo: Carrot top is bummed right now

babyleg: @damhave @lousyleo zinggggggg


themagdalenaexperience Some of the most beautiful and knowledgable experiences of my life have taken place whilst living on this legendary boat the last 2 weeks with these two incredible women. Thank you for the magic carpet ride across the Mediterranean. It will never be forgotten! @ariellepytka@sachapytka @sisterislands #thedroneexperience by @pamananian#theexperiencevol1 #altair1931 #nextstopnashville